About us

The Factory was constructed and commissioned in 1928 by first Soviet President M.Kalinin and completely renovated and equipped with modern machinery in 2018 – at the 90th anniversary of the Factory.


Factory’s territory

Processing stages

Fiber preparation line

Refining line

Fiber refining line (The factory is equipped with sophisticated modern refining machinery produced by La Roch (France) and TeksIng (Russia) to produce refined hemp and flax fiber with shive content below 0,5%).

Chemical (Bleaching) line

The factory is equipped with modern German (Thies) and Russian-made Dyers and machinery to produce bleached fiber and cellulose at high temperature and high-pressure conditions.

The factory is equipped with modern ventilation and anti-dust air-ducts system, all tows and waste are collected and pressed into fuel pellets.


Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments, quality of incoming fiber and products are controlled on all processing stages.

Different technological regimes can be modified on computerized pilot installation to produce fiber with different functional properties and abilities: from high water-resistant fiber up to high water absorption fiber (water absorption rate 1:80).